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Wedding dress 2024 The precious ones have no label !

wedding dress Coll.2024 french wedding designers
Wedding dresses Coll. 2024

In 2024, we highlight the multiple facets of women,

Sensual, strong and dreamy, She is surprising, mysterious, and spontaneous.

And she is unique, a mixture, a mixture of traits of personalities,

Confidence, the freedom to be yourself,

She is here in this world, her feet firmly planted on the ground and her chin raised,

She is proud to be herself and sure of her choices.

We're not following trends this year, no more labels.

More style associated with couture, bohemian or romantic,

But we find markers on each collection:

Essential models that combine all styles and 3 points:

Elegance, fluidity, and delicate details.

With crepe fabrics, which give style,

and silk muslins which bring lightness,

Fine Calais lace and embroidered tulle.

Designers draw around the woman's curves,

With simple straight, slightly flared cuts that fall perfectly to the floor

And V-shaped necklines at the front or back.

Here are the favorite elements of the 2024 wedding dress models,

Found in most of the essentials,

and which will delight future brides this season for these timeless models.

But the trend take note, it will be YOU.


Collections 2024 - wedding dresses french designer

It is a collection full of femininity and nature called "Cavalcade" that the house Lambert Créations presents to us for the 2024 Season, which takes us to the Camargue for this new collection.

The emblematic outfits of the Anne Delaforest house are highlighted, with materials, cuts and details that bring elegance to the silhouettes. An inspiration with Italian notes.

It is with poetry that the 2024 collection from the house of Amarildine is presented to us,

highlighting the essential points for the designer and translated by the delicacy of the materials, and sensuality.

A hymn to femininity for the new collection Fabienne Alagama who presents her Idyle collection with Reunion Island as a backdrop and inspiration

Christelle Vasseur highlights femininity and elegance with an eye for detail for a refined 2024 collection.

An elegant collection, with delicate, poetic lace dresses, sensual bare backs presented by designer Elsa Gary, an ode to femininity.

An inspiration drawn from the romantic and Victorian English literary world for the Camille Marguet "English Garden" collection which celebrates love and daring and modernity with silhouettes with fluid and light lines and refined embroidered tulles.

A presentation with fashion photographer Matthieu Delbreuve in chiaroscuro for the new collection from the Atelier blanche house "a journey through time" highlighting the precious fabrics and details on elegant silhouettes with perfect cuts.

A collection inspired by science fiction with sophisticated silhouettes, cuts that look like a white dawn, sobriety and details with assertive silhouettes.

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